Volume 12/2014

Available online: February 20, 2015

Series A: Functional Equations, Approximation and Convexity

Marius Birou
A note about some general King-type operators
full paper (pdf)

Tiberiu Coconeț and Constantin-Cosmin Todea
Hochschild cohomology of fully group-graded algebras as Mackey functor
full paper (pdf)

Gabriela Cristescu and Dan Dăianu
Professor Borislav Crstici (1924–2014) the right man in the right place at the right time
full paper (pdf)

Ioan Gavrea and Mircea Ivan
A simple proof of a generalized Bernstein Voronovskaja-type theorem
full paper (pdf)

Anca Grad
A generalized interior approach to constrained set-valued duality
full paper (pdf)

Monteola Ilona Kovacs and Raluca Retezan
On (h, k)- trichotomy for evolution operators in Banach spaces
full paper (pdf)

Series B: Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research

Alexandra Băicoianu
A comparative study of some classification algorithms using WEKA and LAD algorithm
full paper (pdf)