Volume 15/2017

Available online: March 11, 2018

Table of Contents

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Series A: Functional Equations, Approximation and Convexity

Alina Ramona Baias
Some remarks on risk functions described by utilities. Alternative proofs.
p. 3
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Miguel Antonio Jimenez Pozo, Ivonne L. Martınez Cortes and Jose N. Mendez Alcocer
Rational Asymmetric Approximation and Normal Functions
p. 13
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Daniela Marian
Remarks on E-Strongly Convex Functions
p. 27
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Adela Carmen Novac
A new solution to Basel problem
p. 37
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Liana Timboș
The dual gap function for an equilibrium problem
p. 41
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Series B: Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research

Reihaneh Mostolizadeh, Elham Shamsara and Zahra Afsharnezhad
Hopf Bifurcation and Chaos in a model for HTLV-I infection of CD4+ T-cells
p. 59
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