Volume 13/2015

Available online: February 15, 2017

Table of Contents

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Series A: Functional Equations, Approximation and Convexity

Marius Birou
Discrete Bernstein type operators which preserve e_0 and e_j, j ≥ 1
p. 3
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Aurelian Cernea
On a nonconvex hyperbolic differential inclusion of third order
p. 13
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Coroian Iulia
Kikkawa-Suzuki type theorems for multivalued contractions with respect to a Pompeiu type metric
p. 25
full paper (pdf)

Alexandru I. Mitrea
Estimations of the norm of some linear operators involved in product quadrature formulas
p. 45
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Anca Maria Oprea
Fixed points theorems of generalized alpha-psi-contractive type operators
p. 59
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Ioana Camelia Tișe
Fixed set theorems in the multivalued setting
p. 77
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Series B: Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research

Florina Rusu, Ioana Crăuciun and Lucian Tudose
Aesthetic shapes generated by piecewise continuous Bezier curves
p. 91
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